Sixth Form

Welcome to the Folkestone School for Girls...

Year 11 is a time when important decisions are made about your future, and choosing the right educational establishment and courses for Post 16 study is of paramount importance.

At the Folkestone School for Girls we are able to offer you excellent teaching in a wide range of A level courses, with our Sixth Form offer also including some vocational courses. We are proud not only of the high quality care and support which we give so you are able to fulfil your potential in your chosen subjects, but also the support we offer for your all round learning to prepare you for life after Sixth Form.

Over 80% of our students go on to Higher Education each year. They acquire places at institutions throughout the UK and undertake a very wide range of courses. We are dedicated to providing help and support for all post 18 options and strongly encourage and support students to explore the range of options available to them to enable them to make informed decisions for the right option post 18 for them.

Whilst the Sixth Form is about learning, it is also about developing knowledge and skills in a vast range of areas, constructively using the greater freedom with which you are entrusted. Moreover, it is your chance to have a fresh start and develop new interests. There are many enrichment activities within our Sixth Form to support the all-round development of our students, including work experience and voluntary work in the local community.

We appreciate that making choices for the future can be a daunting task, but in the Sixth Form we are here to support you every step of the way, from Sixth Form to Post 18 Options.

After exploring the information, if you have any questions regarding our Sixth Form provision or admissions, please contact me here.

Mrs Ashley Hagedorn

Head of Sixth Form

Sixth Form Prospectus

Apply Now....

We have two different routes for applications, depending whether you are already studying with us or an external applicant.  Please note that internal applications need to be completed by Friday 9th February.

All Folkestone School for Girls pupils must apply for Sixth Form via the SIMS Options page; you will need to use your school Google account to access this.

All internal applications need to be completed by Friday 9th February.

If you wish to make changes to your first choices or reserves after this date you can do so, but must contact Mr Allingham or Mr Anderson to let us know.

Application for internal students are to be made via SIMS Options using your school Google Account:

We welcome applications from students wishing to join us for their Sixth Form studies, and encourage you to apply for our Sixth Form. We offer a range of subjects for study in the Sixth Form and also have designated members of staff to support our Sixth Form students pastorally during their time with us. As such The Folkestone School for Girls is a choice we hope you consider for your Post 16 options and we thoroughly look forward to welcoming you to our school.

Applications are to be made via Kent Choices:

For entry onto our AS, A2 and Btec courses we require:

  • A minimum of 6 separately identifiable GCSE subjects at grade 5.5 or above and at least a grade 5 in
    English Language or English Literature and a grade 4 in Mathematics.
  • A grade 6 or above in the chosen course of study or a related subject as specified in the sixth form
  • To study Mathematics or a Science subject, a 7+ grade at GCSE is strongly recommended in said
  • To study 2 or more Sciences or Mathematics and Science, 2 Grade 7’s are required in these subjects.

Life in the Sixth Form

You can find out more about life in the Sixth Form on this site - the most popular links are below.

Information, Advice and Guidance

We provide a wide range of subjects and courses, while also taking care of your wellbeing needs and helping you to prepare you for life after Sixth Form.  You can find out more about how we do this, in the sections below.

In Sixth Form the majority of students will study 3 subjects. This provides an opportunity to focus on the subjects that you enjoy, that interest you, that you excel in and that support your future career goals. There is a wide range of subjects and courses on offer and we aim to offer a diverse curriculum that not only allows students to study subjects of interest in more detail, but also meets wellbeing needs and prepares them for life after Sixth Form. 

It is usually possible to provide most students with the subjects of their choice, but timetabling, staffing or financial considerations may make it impossible to run all the courses offered, for example if numbers opting for a course are very low.

To ensure students are timetabled on a programme of study most suited to them, even after initial selection of subjects students are able to amend their options. Changes prior to the commencement of the course will always be permitted, subject to meeting entry criteria, unless the addition of another student to the group takes the group size above the optimum level. Changes after a course has commenced will only be permitted, subject to availability of places, up to the notified deadline. For the academic year 2024-25 that date will be Friday 20th September 2024. From this date onwards students must continue with all their chosen subjects.

The SEA programme contains enrichment options for Sixth Form students with the aim to provide students in Key Stage 5 with further opportunities to participate in activities that meet their individual needs and interests. This programme focuses on Super-curricular activities, Extra-curricular activities and Ambassador roles. The aim of the programme is to enable students to develop their knowledge and skills in a variety of areas as student leaders of the school. The wide range of choices allow students to select an enrichment choice that is coherent with the 3 A Level subjects in their Programme of Study, and forms part of the development of the skills required for their Post-18 aspirations – there is no default option, as students select options that meet their individual needs. 

Options currently available to students include: Level 3 EPQ, Work Experience, Volunteering, Primary school reading support projects, Bridging the Gap project with local care homes, Cooking, Self-defence, Peer Mentoring, Academic Mentoring, supporting FSGBacc activities, MOOCs, Wider Academic Reading and Personal Development. Students in the Sixth Form may also set up a university style society in an area they are interested in. Details of all the available activities will be given to our students at the start of term. In addition to their Programme of Study, girls are expected to make a positive contribution and involve themselves fully in the life of the school.

Alongside the Head of Sixth form, Deputy Head of Sixth Form and Sixth Form Student Development Leaders dedicated to providing pastoral support for students, each student is also allocated a tutor who provides information and guidance to support them with their Post 18 applications, along with discussions on wider social issues and life skills.

The school provides a wide range of events advising students about different occupations and careers throughout the academic year. This is also embedded within the PSHE programme for Sixth Form students to develop knowledge within the PSHE theme of ‘Living in the wider world’. Students are also provided with the details of university courses, taster days, summer schools and apprenticeships in preparation for applying to university/further education and training and making important decisions about their future. Careers Advisors visit the school on a regular basis and students can seek advice and guidance regarding their future career aspirations or university choices.

We aim to help you unlock the next part of your own personal journey after your time at school comes to an end. Should that be university then we’ll help you to get there. Should that be an apprenticeship, we’ll help you to get there. Should that be Russell group, or Oxbridge even, we’ll help you to get there. Our aim is to provide an outstanding academic curriculum, outstanding teaching and outstanding opportunities and experiences to ensure you leave as well-qualified and well-rounded young women. You’ll have a strong academic portfolio of qualifications, highly developed interpersonal skills, a broad range of interests and will be well prepared to pursue varied and fulfilling careers! You’ll leave us with the knowledge, experiences, skills and attributes necessary to challenge yourself, to be confident, successful and adaptable to change. You’ll be able to seize opportunities and to create them!

Students from The Folkestone School for Girls apply to, and are accepted by, a wide range of universities each year. This includes universities from the Russell Group, Oxford and Cambridge, along with universities all over the UK. For example, in September 2023, students who gained their A level results in August have progressed to study courses in a range of different disciplines including Theoretical Physics, Law, Zoology, Psychology, TV production, Marketing, Accounting and Veterinary medicine. Students have also gone on to successfully secure places on apprenticeships with Kent Police, Foundation Art Courses, and deferred entry places at university to facilitate Gap years and Travel plans.

Therefore in summary, FSG Sixth Form can take you anywhere, wherever it is you want to go…

Subject Information

Each department has created an information sheet to tell you more about the subjects we offer.  Please download them below.

Admissions Policies