School Uniform and Sixth Form Dress Code

Authorised Supplier

Price and Buckland

The FSG Uniform and Stationery Shop closed on 14th July 2022.

Second Hand Uniform

Please contact your child's SDL if you need second hand uniform.  There is a voluntary donation page on Wisepay for second hand items, and parents are welcome to donate in exchange for an item if they would like to, but there is no obligation.
We welcome donations of clean, bagged, current uniform in good condition. It can be dropped off at Main Reception. 


Uniform List

All items with an asterisk are generic and can be bought from any retailer (including second hand), other items can be bought from Price and Buckland, or contact your child's SDL if you need second hand branded uniform. 

All items are required, unless flagged as optional.

Year 7 to 11

  • Navy Blue Blazer with school logo
  • Kilt in tartan plaid or school trousers* in navy
  • White blouse*
  • Navy blue slipover* or plain navy blue long sleeved v-neck jumper* (optional)
  • White polo shirt*  (terms 5 and 6 only - optional)
  • Plain dark coloured outdoor coat or jacket (not leather, denim or fur)
  • Plain black tights* (not patterned).
  • Plain black socks* (ankle or knee socks only - not over the knee).
  • Shoes* - Plain black leather in a sensible style

PE Kit

  • PE shirt in school colours
  • PE skirt in school colours
  • Black leggings* and/or navy blue jogging bottoms*
  • White ankle/trainer socks*
  • Trainer* for inside/outside exercise
  • Navy hooded or round collar sweatshirt*.  No zips.
  • Sports socks in school colours (optional)


Rules & Regulations

All clothing must be clearly named

In addition to wearing the uniform, students must abide by the following regulations:

  • Students are expected to wear full school uniform to and from school daily;
  • Skirts should be worn at an appropriately modest length (no more than 15cm above the knee when kneeling);
  • Scarves must be removed before going into lessons/assembly/tutor time;
  • No leggings to be worn in school other than in PE/Dance lessons;
  • No veils or any item that covers the face to be worn in school;
  • No jewellery except for one small earring to be worn in each ear;
  • No other body piercing or ear stretchers;
  • No visible make-up or nail varnish or any kind of tattoo (including temporary henna tattoos);
  • Hair should not be artificially dyed in an unnatural colour or strongly contrasting colours;
  • Hair to be tied back in practical lessons;

Shoes must be a sensible style in plain black leather. The following are not permitted:-

  • Canvas shoes
  • Heels higher than 2.5cm
  • Trainers/Trainer style shoes
  • Shoes with sports logos
  • Boots of any type (except when there is snow lying on the ground)
  • Open toes, sling backs or pointed heels
  • Platform shoes

As role models for students in Years 7 to 11, Sixth Form students are expected to dress appropriately for the school day.  School is a learning environment and as such should be regarded as a place of work, therefore appropriate, professional clothing should be worn.


Restricted Items

  • Leggings (unless timetabled for dance)
  • Ripped/torn clothing
  • Offensive or inappropriate clothing
  • Tracksuit bottoms
  • Strappy/low cut/crop tops
  • Flip flops
  • High heels
  • Bright artificially coloured hair
  • Students must avoid extremes of fashion

Permitted Items 

  • One nose stud is allowed
  • Jeans (just not ripped)
  • Tailored shorts
  • Skirt/dress of appropriate length
  • Trousers
  • Jumper
  • Cardigan
  • Shirt/blouse/ tops (that do not fall within the restricted items)


 Concern  Action  Communication
 Student is dressed inappropriately (wearing a restricted item on the Dress Code)  Teacher to record on SIMs as a uniform issue within behaviour, with details of what aspect of the dress code is not being followed.  Warning given to student and a detention set with KS5.
 If problem persists  Teacher sends pupil to DTQ, SDW, TS, JBF or a member of SLT.  DTQ, SDW, SDL or SLT will send pupil home to get changed.
 If problem persists  Student will be placed on uniform report requiring them to get their report signed for every session in the day by their teacher before showing a member of the KS5 team at the end of each day.

DTQ/SDW/SDL to inform teachers that the student is on report.


DTQ/SDW/SDL to phone home and advise parents