Psychology at FSG fundamentally aims to allow girls to leave with a greater understanding of the human mind and behaviour – and ultimately a good A level grade qualification in this. Psychology allows us to understand more about our own thoughts, emotions and behaviours, and gives the tools to investigate this from a scientific perspective. It allows students to question fundamental approaches of studying human behaviour and the issues and debates around this. It also encourages inquisitive thinking, constantly questioning why we think and behave the way we do.

Students will leave with the confidence and motivation to understand themselves and others better. To take their knowledge learnt and apply to their everyday lives.


Term 1
Term 2
Term 3
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Year 12
Approaches Social Influence Memory Attachment Psychopathology Biopsychology
Year 13
Biopsychology Issues and Debates Relationships Forensic Psychology Revision  

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Psychology is a full A level covered over the course of the two years. It is assessed in Yr 13 through 3 examinations, all of which are two hours. Each topic covered has equal weighting except for the topic of ‘Research Methods’ which is a larger unit and is taught continuously throughout the two years. Paper 1 covers ‘Memory, Social Influence, Attachment and Psychopathology’ Paper 2 is ‘Approaches, Biopsychology and Research Methods’ And Paper 3 three is an optional based paper. At FSG we currently cover ‘Issues and debates, Relationships, Forensic Psychology and Eating Behaviour’.

Psychology as a subject, gives students the opportunity to learn key theories and studies in explaining human behaviour, as well as skills in evaluating them. Students will also be required to understand how research is carried out, analysed using statistical testing, and will have the opportunity to partake in some of their own research.

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