Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education


Term 1
Term 2
Term 3
Term 4
Term 5
Term 6
Year 7
Transition and Safety Developing skills and aspirations Diversity Health and Puberty Building relationships Financial decision making
Year 8
Drugs and alcohol Setting goals Discrimination Emotional wellbeing Identity and relationships Digital literacy
Year 9
Peer influence, substance use and gangs Community and careers Respectful relationships Healthy lifestyle Intimate relationships Employability skills
Year 10
Mental health Financial decision making Healthy relationships Exploring influence Addressing extremism and radicalisation Work experience
Year 11
Students receive their PSHE guidance across a variety of sources in Year 11. These include targetted workshops delivered by external specialists on exam preparation, wellbeing strategies and management of stress. The students will also have 1:1 interviews with pastoral staff throughout the year to address their individual worries and needs during this academic year.
Year 12
Readiness for work Mental health and emotional wellbeing Diversity and inclusion Planning for the future Respectful relationships Health choices and safety
Year 13
Next steps Independence Initimate relationships Financial choices Building and maintaining relationships  

Post 16

Students have an hour of dedicated PSHE once a week throughout their sixth form life. Topics covered are not only age approproate, but are specifically targeted for our local environment and context. Alongside specialist resources, we are also able to add flexibility to our curriculum in terms or an as and when needed approach. All students in sixth form also benefit from 1-2-1 pastoral support through tutor time, as well as supportive SDL's and a dedicated sixth form team. Our curriculum includes outside speakers in a range of topics as well as careers support, workshops and roadshows

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