Charging and Remissions Policies

The Folkestone School for Girls Academy Trust is known as “the school” in this policy.    


The school, although unable to make charges for any undertaking within school hours, has the right to request voluntary contributions from parents in support of any aspect of a school's work, provided that no child is denied the opportunity to participate. Parents will therefore be invited to cover the costs of any school visit, of which the amount will be clearly stated. Confirmation of the activity will depend on the fund raising response. No contribution will be requested from students eligible for pupil premium.

No charge can be made

1. for education provided during school hours or for activities arising from the requirements of the National Curriculum or the teaching of Religious Education;

2. for the provision of materials, books, instruments and equipment;

3. for examination entry fees (except as noted below);

4. for transport between different parts of the school premises or to other centres where the School or the Trustees have arranged for education to be provided;

5. for education out of school hours, required as part of the syllabus for external examination, see (ii) below.


Charges may be made for student participation, with the prior acceptance of parents, in the following activities

(i) individual or group tuition in instrumental music, providing the tuition is not a requirement of a school examination course;

(ii) for board and lodging on curriculum-based activities in or out of school hours;

(iii) for the recovery of:

      a) an examination fee if a student is in default;

      b) a non-prescribed examination or re-sit;

      c) the cost of materials for practical subjects where parents are willing to accept the finished product;

      d) willful damage to school property;

      e) travel directly from home to a work experience placement; and

      f) lost or damaged Library materials.


Extra Curricular School Trips

These will be classed as optional extras, not directly related to the curriculum, for which charges may be made, which must not exceed the actual cost of the optional extra divided equally between participating students. Costs cannot include the expenses of escorting teachers who, if necessary, will be specifically engaged for the activity on a separate contract for services.