Looking After Your Property

In our experience, students are not always good at looking after their property. We do all we can to remind you, we encourage you to be careful, and we help countless students to find their possessions. Usually, lost property is restored to the grateful owner. However, please follow the advice below.

Mobile Phones 

FSG have adopted a never used, seen or heard approach in our policy on mobile phones. Phones therefore are to be switched off and stored in bags or blazer pockets throughout the school day to be never used, seen or heard.

“Some schools may choose to adopt a policy where pupils keep possession of their mobile phones only on the strict condition that they are never used, seen or heard – with consequences for breaching this that are sufficient to act as an effective deterrent. It is important that schools enforce this policy vigorously, consistently and visibly, to the effect that mobile phone use is prohibited throughout the school day. To support this, it may be appropriate for a school to ensure that parents and pupils clearly understand the sanctions that may be applied, to establish a strong no-phone culture. Schools will often stipulate that the mobile phone is switched off at the bottom of the school bag; confiscation may be an immediate consequence otherwise. As this policy becomes established through consistent application, the culture of the school will change, with pupils less likely to attempt to use their phones” Mobile phones in schools: guidance, Department for Education, 19th February 2024

On rare occasions, at the direction of a teacher or member of staff, you may be asked or allowed to use your mobile phones – for example to complete an online survey or photograph a worked solution on a whiteboard. This will always be at the direction of, or under the permission of a member of staff.

Have All Your Possessions Clearly Named

This is especially important for all items of school uniform. You should also make sure that you find a way of naming purses, pencil cases, calculators, phones, watches and bags.

Keep Money On Your Person

Keep any money in your blazer pocket or in a purse that you keep in a safe place at all times. Large sums of money should not be brought into school.

Look After Musical Instruments

Take musical instruments to the Music Department for safe keeping; do not leave them in cupboards in your Form Room. Also, ensure that insurance terms are met.

Do Not Bring Any Valuables Into School

Do not bring jewellery, games systems etc into school. Do not buy expensive fountain pens and watches for use in school. If you bring in a mobile phone, it must not be switched on during lessons, house time or assembly. (If you are caught using a mobile phone during lesson time assembly or house time, it may be confiscated). Students are not allowed to charge their phones on the school premises.

Any valuables brought into school are the sole responsibility of the student and should not be left unattended. Money, keys and other valuables should be kept with students at all times and if this is not possible, locked in their locker. The school cannot accept responsibility for the loss of valuables.

What To Do If You Lose Property

Retrace your footsteps. Get a friend to check your locker, desk or bag. Ask at Reception. Report your loss to your Form Tutor. Reception looks after unclaimed lost property until the Friday of the week in which it was lost. Items can be collected from the doorway at the side of the Staff Room on a Friday at break time so if you have lost something you should look at the display as items are then disposed of appropriately. Valuables are locked in the safe. Write a note for the Students’ Bulletin informing others of what you have lost and asking them to hand it in to Reception.

What To Do If You Find Property

If named and you can find the owner, return it immediately. Otherwise, bring it straight to Reception. Everyone is always very grateful for people being honest.

What To Do If You Lose Your ID Card

You need to inform our IT Services Department immediately so that they can disable it.  Please go to the IT Technicians Office at break or lunch.  You can purchase a new card on Wisepay.