KCC Travel saver

The KCC Travel Saver is a bus pass that can save parents and pupils up to 50% on the cost of travel to and from school. To apply you must be:

• a resident of Kent (whose household pays Council Tax to a Kent district/borough council for Kent County Council services)

• at school in years 7 to 11, whether they go to school in or outside of Kent.

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KCC 16+ Travel Saver

The KCC 16+ Travel Saver is a bus pass which can save parents and students up to 50% on the cost of bus travel to and from school and college. To apply for a pass you must be:

• a resident of Kent (whose household pays Council Tax to a Kent district or borough council for Kent County Council services)

• 16 to 19 years old and in academic years 12 to 14 (to be eligible your date of birth must be between 1 September 2003 and 31 August 2005)

• attending a participating school, college, work, learning provider or apprenticeship provider.

The KCC 16+ Travel Saver is available to students aged 16-19, living in Kent and in Full-Time education. It offers the same benefits as the current Kent 16+ Travel Card enabling parents the opportunity to halve the costs of bus travel rather than buying a ticket direct from operators. 

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Students may cycle to school, however, the school accepts no liability for any loss or damage to cycles left on school premises. It is therefore strongly advised that if a student cycles regularly to school her bicycle is covered by her parents’ insurance.

Students are expected to wear school uniform when cycling to and from school; we also advise them to wear a safety helmet.


When dropping your daughter at school we ask that NO CARS COME ONTO THE SITE OR BLOCK THE ENTRANCES at any time. Please obey the road markings and do not park on the yellow zig zags. Please show due consideration for our neighbours and do not block their driveways.

School drop off/pick up

A polite but urgent notice regarding road safety. We have almost 1200 girls and around 150 members of staff arriving on site every morning from 7.00 to 8.30 with the vast majority of girls arriving in the latter half of this period. There is a similar exodus, for girls at least, every afternoon at 3.30. We also have Sandgate Primary School following a fairly similar pattern, 2 nurseries nearby and of course our other neighbours on Coolinge Lane departing for work etc.

The road therefore is an exceptionally busy one. Compounding the volume of traffic, our main entrance also lies on a sharp bend and on a hill. We are increasingly concerned that students are able to cross the road safely and remind parents to not drop off or pick up students from the school gates.  I ask for caution please around our school, our girls and Coolinge Lane in general. Cars parking/stopping here pose a serious threat to other road users and there are double yellow lines all around the area for this very reason. Yet parents continue to stop here. Despite our concerns, our appeals and staff presence we are extremely concerned that young lives are being put at risk.

We also ask parents to remind girls to be cautious when navigating the roads. Too often we see girls talking to each other in groups, on mobiles and/or with headphones, simply stride out into the road without due care and attention. We remind girls of this in tutor time/assemblies regularly but your co-operation and assistance is greatly appreciated.