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28 Sep, 2018

Book Club

Book Club

Book club is part of our new vehicle for Personal Development & Character Education

, the FSGbacc, but perhaps a less showy activity than rock climbing or mountain biking! Nonetheless there is no doubt that the most obvious way you can develop yourself personally is by making the very most of your education. Arguably, the most important aim of education is personal empowerment – enabling us to take control of our own lives and to shape our own futures. Education is, though, also about passing on ‘the best of what has been thought and is known in the world’ from one generation to the next. At the very heart of this is reading and discussion. A very obvious opportunity for personal development; to learn about the world, to seek other views and opinions and to broaden our horizons. 

How it works

Different teachers will lead book club through a book that has had a particular impact on their life. It may be a childhood favourite or a book that has inspired them more recently. It may be a story or character that has resonated with that teacher personally or a book or story that has changed the course of their life! Girls can take part every session or dip in and out when it suits or according to the featured book or teacher. Sessions will run, usually fortnightly, throughout the year.

We also publish a list of books recommended by our own teachers in the Parent & Student Guide for each year group.

‘Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine’ is our first book and Mr Lester our first contributor.

Below is a brief video about this book and why Mr Lester has chosen it.



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