Year group: All year groups via PE lessons & Climbing Club

Rock climbing is a physically and mentally demanding sport.

Physically, have you got the strength to haul yourself up?

Mentally, have you got guts to?

Rock climbing requires strength, agility, endurance. It pits you against the mountain! It’s you versus your fear. Can you overcome your own fears to reach the top.

This activity:

• Builds muscle and endurance

• Boosts brain function

• Reduces stress

It also teaches valuable life skills – like setting and achieving goals, problem solving, self-awareness and self-confidence.
After all, if you can climb a mountain and conquer your fears you can do anything – public speaking, job interviews, anything! It also teaches resilience – you will never reach the top without NEVER GIVING UP.

Rock climbing is just you against yourself and this is a valuable life skill – in life most of the time it is our own self confidence that holds us back. Rock climbing is about challenging and pushing yourself. It makes you want to go higher, climb harder and achieve more and that’s not just useful on the climbing wall but in every aspect of your life. The most common fear is fear of heights (and falling from them). Conquering this fear empowers climbers and builds self-esteem and self-confidence.



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